The GALILEO Factor
Take the Galileo Factor for Your Weight Class and Multiply It
Times your Unequipped Coefficient to Level the Playing Field.
(NOTE: At this time, the Galileo Factor is simply "for fun," and
has not been approved by NASA's Executive Commitee.)

Weight Class                                      Galileo Factor                                                              Weight Class                                      Galileo Factor

       114.00                                                   1.4867                                                                          198.25                                                   1.1731

       123.25                                                   1.3461                                                                          220.50                                                   1.1889

       132.25                                                  1.2802                                                                          242.50                                                   1.2027
       148.75                                                  1.2001                                                                          275.50                                                   1.2151

       165.25                                                  1.2140                                                                          308.50                                                   1.1629

       181.75                                                  1.1862                                                                          SHW.                                                     1.1791

The Galileo Factor is named as a tribute to Bishop Edmond Galileo Hou-Seye, who changed his middle name to "Galileo," to honor the Italian Astronomer who challenged the Catholic Church's position that the Sun orbited the Earth.  Things ARE NOT always as they appear to be.  In the Powerlifting Universe, one Athlete can appear to be Stronger than another Athlete, merely because of the Equipment he/she is wearing.  The Galileo Factor challenges those who "think" they are stronger, by giving their Unequipped Peers a Multiplier , in order to help Level the Playing Field.