2011 N.A.S.A. - MPF Nationals Results
Saturday, March 19th & Sunday March 20th

                             2011 N.A.S.A. - MPF Nationals: Most of Day 2 Lifters
Left to Right - (Back)Gene Carlson[WI], Chris Riley[KS], John Bollinger[MO], Leonard Willison[IA], Scotty Cook[WV], Troy Bickers[WV], (Front)Dave Ridlen[MO], Gary Kachar[WI], Joe Parsons[OK]. 

Warmup Area.
Leonard's 622 Lbs. Benchpress.
Dave Ridlen awaits his next attempt.
Job Hou-Seye and Gene Carlson.
Gary Kachar and Joe Parsons.
Shannon Blunk and Leonard Willison.
Susan and James Riley.
Head Referee Jeff Blaine and Nebraska Referee Fred Kooser.