2013 NASA  - Wisconsin Regional Meet Results
Saturday, May 4th - Sheboygan Masonic Lodge
Mike Jasperson pulls a 606 Lbs Deadlift.

Andy Laird named 2012 Team Member of the Year at 5-3-13 State Banquet

Andy Laird opens with a 264 Lbs Squat attempt.
Hank Williams pulls a 447 Lbs Deadlift.
Jon Beaudry wins the Head-to-Head Competition in Unequipped Powerlifting, with Dalton Eldredge 2nd and Jennifer Sahy 3rd.  Jon, lifting Unequipped, outlifted the Equipped guys.
Brian Helgert wins the Head-to-Head Competition in Power Sports, with Hank Williams 
2nd and Jon Riggs 3rd.   Jon(2010) & Brian(2011) are past Members of Team Wisconsin.
Ron Miller wins the Head-to-Head Competition in Unequipped BP Only, with Matt Pennau 
in 2nd and Hank Williams in 3rd.   Ron and Matt are Members of Team Wisconsin - 2013.
David Aldag gives his acceptance speech at the 7th Annual Wisconsin Powerlifting State Banquet, on May 3rd.
          Aldag was named the 2012 Wisconsin Overall Athlete of the Year(a Lifetime Achievement Award).