2018 Jerry Jones Memorial Bench & Push/Pull MEET Saturday, September 29th, 2018 Mt Sinai Gym, 2005 Lathrop Avenue, Racine, 53405 (Late Fee of $15 applies on Entries postmarked after September 19th, 2018)     City_____________________________      State_____      Zip____________ eMail Address______________________________________________ (On all lines below, only check 1 item per line, 3 lines per Division. Power Sports©= Belt Only.) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 st  Division: __Bench Only __Push/Pull __Deadlift Only __Open  __Youth __Teen  __Jr  __Int.  __Sub(30-39) __Masters(__[1,2,3,4,Pure]) __Equipped($55)  __Unequipped($55)  __Raw($55) 2nd Division: __BP Only   __Push/Pull __Deadlift Only __Open  __Youth __Teen  __Jr  __Int.  __Sub(30-39) __Masters(__[1,2,3,4,Pure]) $30                  __Equipped(13+)  __Unequipped(Wraps allowed)  __Raw 3rd Division: __BP Only __Push/Pull __Deadlift Only __Open  __Youth __Teen  __Jr  __Int.  __Sub(30-39) __Masters(__[1,2,3,4,Pure]) $25                  __Equipped(13+)  __Unequipped(Wraps allowed)  __Raw Specialty Div: __Power Sports($75) __Curl Only($75)  __Open  __Youth __Teen  __Jr  __Int.  __Sub(30-39) __Masters(__[1,2,3,4,Pure]) $75                  __Equipped(13+)  __Unequipped(Wraps allowed)  __Raw Youth = 5-12 | Jr = 13-23 | Int. = 24-29 | M1 = 40-49 | M2 = 50-59 | M3 = 60-69 | M4 = 70+ All Lifters must have a 1 piece suit.  All Lifters must have a T-Shirt or BP Shirt(No Exceptions). Wrist Wraps are allowed in Equipped and Unequipped, but not in Power Sports. All Lifters must have a Current N.A.S.A. Card which is $40 at the Meet(H.S. $15, Youth $10). For entire rule book go to www.nasa-sports.com >Table of Contents>Rulebook
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